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Personal style is all about you; what you like and dislike. It is a reflection of your personality and an expression of your creativity. Before diving into the fashion blog posts, I wanted to talk about finding your personal style. My number one principle when it comes to fashion is that it is in the hands of the wearer, each wearer is unique, therefore wear what you want and model your outfits with confidence because you are fearfully and fashionably made!

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There are many different personal styles categories and often we are faced to chose which one(s) best represent us. I believe labeling your personal style to one category removes the fun out of fashion. Just as fashion evolves, you also evolve as a person, therefore what you thought was popping yesterday might not be tomorrow. In authentic fashion, there is freedom to move around in order to express your true personal style. Don’t limit yourself to just one personal style, instead have fun with the endless possibilities.

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Here are 5 tips to revamp your personal style: 

1. Go through your closet 

Donate the items that have been collecting dust and note down your most worn items. By doing this alone, you should get a good idea of your personal style.

2. What is your everyday lifestyle?

Are you a student, a parent or a working woman/man? It is important to dress according to your daily lifestyle in order to be functional. Yes, it is possible to be functional and stylish.

3. Where do you want to take your style? 

According to your lifestyle, how can you revamp your style? Don’t think about copying someone else’s personal style because it is their own, instead discover your own by taking things you like from someone’s style and add your own personality to it.

4. Get inspired 

If you are among the few who still buy fashion magazines, go through them and then make a vision board. For the rest of the population who no longer own fashion magazines, go searching on the internet for inspiration. Haute couture fashion can be intimidating for everyday wear so, I recommend creeping fashion bloggers on their blogs and Instagram to see how they style runway trends to meet their lifestyle.

5. Go window shopping 

Another way to get inspired is to go to your local mall and to pay attention to the stores’ window displays, for they are filled with the latest trends. Have fun and try on clothes, don’t be afraid to try on items that you normally wouldn’t buy because clothes look different on than they do on hangers. When you are revamping your personal style it is not good to make impulse purchases, therefore give it twenty-four hours. Within that twenty hours think about how the item can benefit your closet and if you still love it after twenty-four hours, go back and buy it.

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Hope that you enjoyed today’s post and remember that personal style is all about the wearer, therefore wear what you want and model your outfits with confidence because you are fearfully and fashionably made!

Xoxo, stay blessed

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