Why do girls wear makeup?

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It’s funny how makeup has been around for over thousands of years yet the male species remains clueless on why girls wear makeup. The ugly truth is that women are often judged for wearing “too much” makeup and mocked for not being pretty without makeup. The cosmetic industry makes billions of dollars a year due to social media that promotes eyebrows being on fleek and baking our highlight instead of self-confidence in our natural beauty. Makeup is worn by young girls and women of all skin types and colour all around the world for different personal reasons but at the root, there is a common factor that is relatable. Today’s blog is to enlighten the male population on why girls wear makeup, without further ado here are the answers of eight young women on why they wear makeup.

“I suppose to feel more polished looking and put together!” ~Morgan brandy Macdonald ♥

“I first started wearing it because it looked fun and I thought I was enough of a grown up to start. Then as I got a little older I started wearing it because it made me prettier. I wanted to cover all my imperfections instead of just take care of my skin. Then once I got to college I cared more about what others thought and more about grades, so I didn’t always have time in the morning to do my makeup. So at that time, the process of putting it on and wearing it felt good. Like I was taking care of myself. At that point, makeup became more about me and less of a chore that had to be done. And now, I mean, I would be lying if I said that I wore it purely because it makes me feel good, though that is true, my skin is not perfect and I have tried so many different treatments, life hacks, and potions to make it so I “don’t have to” wear foundation, but I am still yet to find something that works for me. The older I get, the less I wear. There is a little insecurity when I don’t wear it, but I’m learning to conquer it.” ~Robyn Bulmer♥


“Je mets du maquillage premièrement pour cacher les cernes. Quand tu enchaines travail, études et activités extérieures, la fatigue se fait très vite ressentir sur ton visage. Au moins avec le maquillage tu peux continuer à paraîtres fraiche même si tu n’as pas pris le temps de te reposer. Deuxièmement, c’est toujours bien de se faire plaisir en ajoutant une touche de couleur afin d’enjoliver et de donner de la vivacité a notre apparence. Pour un rendez-vous entre amis ou professionnel un petit rouge à lèvres, ou un phare a paupière ne fait pas de mal au contraire, ça nous aide même à accentuer les traits de notre personnalité. Le maquillage amateur ou professionnel nous aide à exprimer qui l’on est.” ~Flora Kengué♥


“‘Don’t you ever think of going natural?’ ‘How long does it take you in the morning’ ‘I could never do that’ ‘You look like a whole different person without makeup’ These are all questions that I get asked regularly, sometimes when I even meet an individual for the first time. Sometimes I ponder as to why I use makeup so much, why I rely on it. However, I’ve come to realize that I don’t rely on makeup, I don’t depend on it. I choose to use it every morning, and I choose to take the time to do the whole process. It’s simply to enhance my features and face. Most importantly, to enhance my confidence.” ~Misa Pellerin♥


“I never really considered myself a super creative person but when I got my first eyeshadow palette in 2013, I discovered my love for makeup. I wasn’t very good at it but started to play around with different looks and colours and quickly fell in love. It has become my favourite past time when I am bored and my favourite form of procrastination. I wear makeup because It lets me express myself and my creativity in a fun and unique way I never would have considered before.It also inspires others to take chances and experiment with makeup as well and hopefully, they fall in love with it just like I did.” ~Erin Callaghan♥


“I wear makeup for fun. It’s like playing with dolls as a little kid, that’s how fun it is. It started out as an act of insecurity but as time flew I learned to love and accept myself as I am. Wearing makeup only enhance how beautiful I already am. It makes me feel put together and ready for the day. It makes me feel good and confident. Makeup is an art, I feel very artistic when I do my makeup and my eyebrows are poping. No one should be judged for wearing makeup or for not wearing makeup. You should not feel pressured to wear makeup just because other girls are wearing it but do it for you. You’re beautiful either way so just do you and keep slaying.” ~Esther Kisembo♥ 


“I have loved everything that is beauty and glamor since I was a kid and I like creating looks” ~Jeanne Mambo♥


“I usually wear makeup to give me a boost of confidence. It’s not like I feel bad about myself when I’m not wearing any but it makes me feel a lot more put together (especially when I’m wearing a bold pink lipstick). It really depends on the person but I personally wear makeup for myself and not for others. However, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t care about what I look like in public.” ~Sara-Anne Surette♥

If you don’t know now you know why girls wear makeup. Gentlemen, as you can see makeup is a sensitive topic, therefore, please be more sensible and respectful the next time you decide to comment on someone’s makeup. To answer the same question, I wear makeup because it’s what our society teaches us women in regards to being glamorous and well polished. I wear it for slaying purposes and to walk with extra confidence knowing everything is on point. I personally believe that makeup is not a necessity it’s an accessory. I am not afraid to go out in public without makeup for I am not a slave to it. All in All, I want to encourage all girls and women to embrace their natural beauty and to know that beauty is not defined by how much makeup you wear or do not wear. True beauty is your God given features for darling you are fearfully and fashionably made!


Xoxo, stay blessed

Ps, why do you wear makeup?

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  1. June 27, 2017 / 5:13 pm

    Honestly I wear makeup because I look better with it on, or at least that’s what society has taught me! I genuinely feel and act more confident when i’m wearing it and feel put together. People treat me differently too. Once a middle aged man told me I looked exhausted and must’ve not got any sleep the night before when I wasn’t wearing makeup to class one day. I wore makeup the next day and he made a comment like “you look much better today, did you sleep well last night?”.
    It really pissed me off to be honest, the ironic thing about it was the group project we were working on was the objectification and sexualisation of the female body in society… clueless right?


    • June 28, 2017 / 12:37 pm

      Oh sweetie, I have gotten that comment before as well of “You look exhausted” whenever I don’t wear makeup. I totally agree that our environment reinforces the idea that we look better with makeup, however, I just want to let you know that you are beautiful with or without makeup! Don’t think that your beauty decreases when you aren’t wearing makeup because that is not true!

  2. June 27, 2017 / 5:26 pm

    I loved this style of post! It’s so relatable and you’re absolutely stunning! Such an amazing post! It’d mean so much if you checked mine out too! Xx

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