My Inexpensive Skin Care Routine


Before I even got my first pimple, I already had a good understanding of the benefits of using cleansers and exfoliants. My mom is a skin care junkie who preaches taking care of your skin in order to avoid wrinkles and pimples. From the age of 12, Mom would give me her travel size Lancôme skin care products to use whenever I felt like feeling pampered. Once I reached puberty I became even more motivated to make my skin care regime a priority. Here is my current skin care routine that I have been using for about 1 year and I love it!

I am blessed to have naturally good skin but once in while when mother nature visits, my skin does act up and I get a few painful and HUGE pimples. I have combination to dry skin depending on the season. Before buying any skin care products it is crucial to find out what your skin type is in order to properly maintain your skin.


Cleansing Water Foam- for all skin type

Enriched with tiger’s herb and olive oil extract 

My first step in my skin care routine is to cleanse my face, which I do every morning and some nights when I do wear makeup. The job of a cleanser is to purify your skin from oil and dirt and to equally unclog your pores. This particular cleanser that I use is pretty good a removing makeup at the same time.



Gentle Papaya peeling 

My second step is to exfoliant my skin using this facial scrub. After exfoliating my skin I can literally feel the difference. An exfoliant gets rid of dead cells, which improves your skin texture and leaves your skin feeling smooth to better absorb moisturizers and serums. By exfoliating your skin you help combat acne, break outs, large pores and wrinkles.


Light Hydrating toner- normal to combination skin

Enriched with tiger’s herb and olive oil extract 

My third step is to tone my skin using a cotton pad to apply the toner to my face. A toner basically cleanses your skin a second time, getting all the deep junk that was left behind and gives your skin pH balance. A toner also reduces large pores. It is highly recommended to use a facial toner if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

Light Hydrating Face Cream- normal to combination skin 

Enriched with tiger’s herb and olive oil extract 

My fourth and final step is to moisturize my skin. Moisturizers help hydrate your skin and leave your skin looking healthy.

If you were wondering how I take care of my skin now you know. For those who would love to know where these products are from, I bought them from Fruits & Passion at an affordable student budget price thanks to the awesome sales that they constantly have. I highly recommend Fruits & Passion’s skin care line to anyone who is looking for products that are effective. Their skin care products are made in Korea which is a country known for having the best skin care products in the world. One product that I can’t live without in regards to my skin care regime is my Light Hydrating Face Cream, it literally changed my skin and improved my oiliness in my t-zone area. It does what it says which is to smoothen and hydrate. Every night before bed when I use this face cream once I wake up my skin looks and feels flawless. All in all, it is essential to take care of your body and skin for you are fearfully and fashionably made!

Xoxo, stay blessed

PS, what skin care product can’t you live without? 

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