How To Be Content

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” 

Psalm 139:14

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 “I need…” “If only…” “Why can’t…” “I dislike…” Are the main starter declarations that discontent people often speak into other people’s ears or battle silently within. We live in a competitive generation where everyone is fighting to be on top, have the most, the latest and the best. It has become difficult to maintain a state of happiness and satisfaction being that our eyes daily wish to have what others have all over social media. As a result, our level of contentment can have a bidirectional effect on our mental health. I know that life gives everyone many reasons to be discontent making it “impossible” to be content 24/7, however, I want you to know that contentment occurs when you decide to be content. You have the strength to change your outlook in order to live a happy life regardless of your ugly past or current struggle. Here are my tips on how to be content psychologically and how to be content with what you materialistically have.

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1. Accept that we were all created different and with different destinies.

Do not desire to have someone else’s life because it is not yours, God doesn’t write the exact same life story twice. Comparing leads to jealousy and possibly failure because there is no grantee that what worked for her or him will work for you or is best for you. Stay in your lane at your own pace, success doesn’t happen at the flick of a magic wound, it happens through hard work and with a little bit of luck.

2. Give yourself a break for no one is perfect.

Do not be so hard on yourself because no one is perfect. Everyone has areas of their life, faith or character that they can improve, don’t let those aspects defeat you. Know that striving to be better than you were yesterday is a life journey because we are only human, not angels who are created altogether perfect. If you are dealing with the pressure to be perfect and do great, the best way to deal with that pressure is to do your absolute best and verbally remind the person who is placing that pressure on you that you are human.

3. Believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

The way that you were created is wonderful, your body is wonderful. Be satisfied in your own skin because beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Everyone has a talent and is intelligent in their own way, therefore believe in yourself to accomplish great things. God created you with all the skills, strength and knowledge to overcome all the trials of life. Chose to believe you are more than a conqueror before your battle is even over because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

4. Not everything is as it seems on social media.

The photos that we see on social media have been posed and edited, therefore do not let your eyes lead you into the “if only I had her/his life” trap. You do not know what the person had to go through to get to where they are at in life. You do not know the struggles behind their success. People share the highlights, the good and the impressive not the struggles, the bad or the unimpressive elements of life. Be vigilant because sometimes things are not as they seem and in reality, you might have a better life than the person’s life whom you are dying to have.

5. Live in the moment, not in the past nor the future.

Choose to be content in your present season regardless of what happened to you in the past. Choose to be happy now and stop waiting for things to change in the future in order to be happy. Don’t get it twisted, I am not saying do not dream about the future or plan for the future, my point is that there needs to be a balance because the time that you have now matters just as much as your future and is meant to be lived. Be grateful by celebrating all the good things that are happening presently and try to enjoy the time that you have now.

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1. Be realistic and stop desiring things that are out of reach.

Be honest with yourself and let go of things that you genuinely know can’t happen for you. Do not let uncontrollable or unattainable things deprive you of being happy. Living within your means is evidence of satisfaction.

2. Practice gratitude, not greed.

There are lots of things to grateful for such as the gift of life, good health, your family and the list goes on. Look at all the things you have and be grateful instead of focusing on what you don’t have or wish to have. It takes discipline to not give into buying more when you already have enough but desire to buy more, so start by reminding yourself daily that you are beyond privileged and have enough already. As a guilty shopaholic, I am learning to practice gratitude, not greed but amazing sales do not make it easy on your girl (#prayforLea).

3. Accept that someone else will always something newer.

As long as businesses are still booming, new releases of merchandise will continue to come out every week, month and year. Accept the truth that someone else will always have something newer and it’s okay because it is not a competition. I know the urge is real to want to upgrade to the latest iPhone when ever there is a new release, however, there is no need when your phone still works. Appreciate the old things until their time is done.

4. Be patient.

If something has not happened for you yet, then it’s not the right time. Do not be frustrated nor should you give up on your dreams, just be patient and keep working hard towards that something. In do time your breakthrough will occur just remain hopeful and patient.

5. Money makes life easier however money is not happiness.

 Money is necessary in order to meet your basic needs and to equally live a good lifestyle, however, money is not happiness. There is no guarantee that becoming a billionaire will make you the happiest person in the world. Having money doesn’t mean you will never die from an illness, battle with a mental illness or you will never have terrible things happen to you again. Money solves materialistic issues, not psychological issues. Money won’t make your discontentment disappear until you face the problem and seek help. I believe that happiness is found through memorable life experiences, hobbies, laughter, friendship, love, and accomplishments, therefore chase after those things instead of materialistic things in order to live life to the fullest.

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All in all friends, contentment is all about drawing your attention towards all the things that you do have and on all the positive things that are occurring in your life and people instead of focusing on what you do not have or on all the negative things that could be going better. Contentment occurs when you stop complaining and take action by being satisfied and happy. My mission is to help others live a happier life, therefore if you are dealing with discontent I challenge you to pursue contentment in order to have a happier life. May God’s grace and love uplift you in the midst of your journey to happiness. #BeContentDude because you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Xoxo, stay blessed

Ps, what is one thing that makes you happy? 😊

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