How To Thrift Shop Like a Champion

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Thrifting is not only a great way to save money but is also eco-friendly. At first thrifting can be scary and overwhelming, however, once you give it a try and get the hang of it, it becomes a fun and inexpensive way to shop. As promised in my $20 thrift store challenge here is my top twelve tips on how to thrift shop like a champion.

1. A great thrift trip requires enough time, therefore, go when you have plenty of time. Take your time don’t rush the process in order to find great items.

2. Do your research on the thrift stores around you, figure out which one is the best for designer finds, fabulous vintage finds or which one has the best prices. Some thrift stores have sale days so try to go on those days to save even more money.

3. Like the famous saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. If possible go on the day when the new stock is released to get first grab on the best finds, not the left overs.

4. If you have sensitive hands like I do then your hands will start to itch after touching everything so bring hand sanitizer, it will soothe the itchiness and clean your hands.

5. Wear comfortable shoes and easy clothes to take off so you can try on things without a hustle. Don’t bring too many things with you because you want free hands to dig through everything.

6. To avoid getting overwhelmed and to have a successful trip know what items you are on the hunt for a head of time. When ever you create a mental wish list, your eyes will be on the lookout for those items and you will be more likely to have a successful trip.

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7. Get a cart or basket in order to shop comfortably and efficiently. Personally, whenever I grab a cart or basket it motivates me to actually go hunting for nice pieces and to fill up my cart with great options.

8. Don’t miss a clothing rack for you never know what could be hiding within each rack. Plan out how you are going to go around the entire store and remember to look both high and low. Also, don’t hesitate to shop the displays like you do in a normal retail store.

9. Ladies do not be afraid to look in the men’s section for they have awesome graphic t-shirts and jackets. do not equally be afraid to look in sections that aren’t your size for sometimes people misplace items and simply because you could find cool pieces that look great over size.

10. Try everything on for you want to make sure that you like the item before purchasing it. Take a minute to carefully inspect the item for stains or rips before buying for you don’t want to be disappointed once you get home.

11. Something to keep in mind is that you can alway tailor or DIY your thrift finds, so do not leave the items that have great potential or that you fell in love with behind if they do not fit like you wish or that need to be revamped.

12. Do not buy something just because it’s cheap. If you are not in love with it or do not need it, then do not buy it. When you buy something that you are unsure about, you are wasting your own money because you will probably never it.

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Hope that you found these tips helpful and good luck on your next thrift store adventure. I said it in my last post and I will say it again because it is a common myth that a lot of people believe that in order to look fashionable you need to spend crazy amounts of money which is not true. You can slay on a budget just like you can slay with no budget. Keep slaying friends regardless of your budget and remember that above all you are already fearfully and fashionably made!

Xoxo, stay blessed

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