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Welcome back, friends! As you can see the new blog design is finally done, let me know what you think in the comment section down below. Personally, I couldn’t be more in love with the final look. Today’s blog post is a fashion Q&A. I receive lots of questions and compliments about my style, therefore I want you guys to know my whole mindset on why I do what I do, spend all my money on clothes and free time taking pictures for the gram.

Who do you dress up for?

A few people have the impression that I dress to impress others or that I am simply seeking attention lol. The honest truth is that I dress to please myself; when I dress good, I feel confidently good. Fashion is my passion just like sports, reading, or video games is other peoples’ passion. When you are passionate about something you invest in it and spend all your time in it, which explains why I spend all my money on clothes and all my free time taking pictures and getting inspired from other fashion accounts on Instagram.

When did you become fashionable?

Growing up I have always liked shopping and clothes because it’s something that I got from my mom, a lady who loves to dress nice. Before the high school glow up, I never dressed up for school. My style was basic and casual. My middle school friends can testify that I loved wearing plaid shirts, cardigans, and scarfs (thinking about those days makes me cringe). I wasn’t motivated to dress up during the week because mom only wanted us to wear our fancy clothes to church or events so that we wouldn’t carelessly ruin our clothes during recess. Plus back then no one slayed like middle school kids slay nowadays. I found my personal style around the end of grade 9, grade 10 even. That’s when I decided to start wearing all my fancy clothes to school, my friends didn’t judge me so I continued. Then soon enough I became known as that girl that’s “always” stylish.

Do you ever have bad days?

The number one question everyone always asks me is how do I manage to always look good at uni in the midst of the stress, exams, long days and early mornings. I feel as if many people who don’t personally know me believe that I live this “perfect life” and never get any bad days just because most often my outfits are on point. Just like every human, I have bad days too, days where nothing is working and I just want to cry. I don’t know how to explain it but when you have a closet full of clothes, even if life isn’t going right, you always manage to put together a decent outfit. I am an optimistic person with lots of hope, therefore on the outside, it’s rare that I show everyone that everything is going wrong because on the inside I have the assurance that God is in control and that all things work out for those who love Him.

What’s the most expensive item in your closet?

My Jovani prom dress and I don’t regret the purchase even though I just wore it once. I have never received so many compliments in one day. I haven’t sold the dress because I am a sentimental person.

What piece of clothing do you wear the most?

My white button-down shirt and black skinny jeans because they make great basics to a great outfit.

What’s the biggest collection of items in your closet?

This is a hard one because I love outerwear and dresses but if jackets, coats, and blazers all count in outerwear than that’s my biggest collection of items in my entire closet.

Where do you shop?

I mostly shop at  H&M, Zara, Winners, Marshalls, American eagle, Aerie, local thrift stores, Aldo and Spring. I live in a small city so we don’t have a lot of nice stores found in bigger cities.


Who are your favourite fashion bloggers on Instagram?








Who are your favourite fashion YouTubers?











Alright, that’s a wrap. Thanks for stopping by, hope that you got to know me a little better through this blog post. I missed blogging and I am excited about all the projects that I want to accomplish in 2018 for my blog. Until the next blog post, keep shining honey because you are fearfully and fashionably made!

xoxo, stay blessed


  1. Stephanie Duclos
    January 24, 2018 / 1:38 am

    Oh Lea, you are so inspirational!! Love reading you blogs!! Looking forward to the next one!!

      January 25, 2018 / 2:36 am

      aww thank you!!

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