How to always look good during the winter

Winter is brutally cold. In Canada, it gets so cold that the freezing wind brings tears to our eyes and turns our hands into fire. Crazy girls like me often find them selfs sliding or eating snow because they decide to wear cute ankle boots instead of practical boots made for winter roads. The heavy coats and large scarfs hide our outfits from being admired as we walk by outside, which is a good thing on those lazy days but a sad thing on those days when we actually try. As freezing the winter months are, don’t hibernate until spring, don’t stop looking good nor feeling good. Don’t let winter robe your happiness. This blog post goes out to all of those who want to sleigh during the winter (hope that you got the pun). Anyways here are my 5 tips on how to look good during the winter without compromising warmth.

1.Turtleneck sweater

how to always look good, striped pants, aerie, fur vest, zara black booties, camel wool coat, gold jewelry

 Turtleneck sweaters are back in style! I have observed that it’s either you are obsessed with them or hate them, there is no in between. I am obsessed. I own so many to get me through the season. The benefit of a turtleneck sweater is that it keeps your neck protected from the cold weather. They are classy and instantly make you look put together.

2.Faux Fur

how to always look good, striped pants, aerie, fur vest, zara black booties, camel wool coat, gold jewelry

Faux fur is the ultimate winter must-have if you want to look good during the winter plus stay warm. Every time you wear either a faux fur vest or jacket everyone will be complimenting your outfit and wanting to pet you. It’s so eye-catching and fashion-forward that you don’t have to try with the rest of the outfit and still look good.

3.Gold jewelry

Give me the gold because I can’t resist. I personally lean more towards gold jewelry because it gives my outfits a fancy finishing touch. I know some people are apart of the silver gang and that’s okay too. The point is that jewelry is the finishing touch that elevates your look from a 9 to a 10. Gold jewelry is in at the moment and always will be because it’s timeless.


how to always look good, striped pants, aerie, fur vest, zara black booties, camel wool coat, gold jewelry

A monochromatic look never fails. A monochromatic outfit is when you wear only one color. It’s a styling tip that works because it makes you look polished but haters will say it’s too much. If you think it’s too much then don’t wear one color from head to toe, break it apart with your coat, shoes, and purse.

5.Wool coat

camel wool cut, how to always look good during the winter

The final key tip to always looking good during the winter is to invest in a nice long wool coat, preferably in a natural color so that you can wear it with every outfit and get your money’s worth. I believe that you can kill a nice outfit if your outerwear game is weak. The thing about having a nice coat is that you can have a basic outfit underneath but look fashionable just because your coat is beautiful.

If you follow these 5 tips you are going to slay all throughout the winter. Hope that you found this blog post helpful and thanks for stopping by. What’s your favourite winter piece? The show must go on so don’t let winter kill your style because you are fearfully and fashionably made!

xoxo, stay blessed


  1. Stephanie Duclos
    January 28, 2018 / 9:32 pm

    My favorite is my faux fur vest!! It brings my outfit together very easily, as you know I’m quite the basic person!
    Thanks for the tips!!

      January 30, 2018 / 4:08 am

      haha yes, I agree on the faux fur!

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