11 Things You Must Know About Being a Fashion Blogger

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Today is a day of celebration, we are celebrating Fearfullyandfashionablymade.com’s  one year blog anniversary! A year ago today is when I launched my blog and ever since then I have not regretted it. I am very thankful for all the support and love that you guys have shown me through my journey. I bless God for giving me this platform and for helping me grow into the woman that I am today. On February 25th I celebrated my 20th birthday and I received an overwhelming amount of sweet messages. The messages that touched me the most are the ones where people said I am a woman of influence. I am truly honored to be in this position and to be growing with you guys. My goal is to impact our generation in a positive way and to inspire women all around the world. I did just that in my first year of blogging and I plan to continue to do so. Throughout my first year as a fashion blogger, I have learned some valuable lessons. Without further ado here are the 11 Things You Must Know About Being a Fashion Blogger!

1. You can’t be shy.

As an influencer, you are called to shameless promote yourself to your audience and brands. Shyness hinders you from growing your business and confidence escalates the grow of your business. If you want to see results and growth then you have no choice but to put yourself out there confidently.

2. You have to be patient with numbers.

Growing a following takes time and a bit of luck. You have to keep grinding and pray that brands and readers will discover you eventually. What helps grow numbers on social media are reposts, shoutouts, and collaborations.

3. You become a perfectionist.

Quality over quantity! Post only your best work in order to always leave a good impression on your visitors so that they stay. Ever since becoming a blogger, the way that I edit my photos has upgraded and my writing style has developed to have its’ own personal voice. I am always doing my research in order to deliver the best content that I can to you guys.

4. It’s not glamorous behind the scenes.

It’s harder than it looks to be a blogger. You will have to invest all your time and money into your business. It’s not glamorous behind the scenes, there is a lot of stressing in order to get work done. A blog post takes a few days of preparation in order to be published. Taking and editing photos takes a few hours, writing, editing and finalizing takes a few hours as well. On top of that, you are required to be consistent in favor of keeping the momentum and to keep growing.

birthday photoshoot, 20th birthday, glitter dress, ballons

5. To shine, you have to be set apart.

 There are millions of blogs on the internet, therefore, you must set yourself apart from the crowd in order to succeed. You must work a little harder, be different and know your voice. The blogger community is so saturated so don’t be afraid to bring a change because that’s what people want.

6. It’s easy to conform to what’s popular but those who are wise stay true to their character.

Know your story and stay true to yourself.  If you know why you started and who you are then it’s easier to not become someone who you are not. Be vigilant because chasing after fame can trick you into doing things out of your nature in order to get more likes or views. What grounds me is my faith and constant prayer for God’s will to be done and not my own.

7. If you don’t have passion then your craft will end.

You have to genuinely enjoy taking photos, writing, social media, content making etc. or else you will no longer be motivated to continue because it’s not easy. When you love what you do then it is no longer is “work”.

8. It’s about building a community, not fame.

This a crucial point that will determine how you grow your brand. Building a community means your audience is active and interactive. You care about your audience and you have a relationship with them. You understand their needs and you guys are becoming better together. When brands are looking to collaborate or pay bloggers for advertisement, what matters most is their community. They want to know that your audience isn’t numbers bought or ghost followers, but people who genuinely care about what you have to say and value your opinion. With that being said you have to be trustworthy, honest and considerate with your community. Don’t collaborate with brands that are not in line with your brand or have products or services that you wouldn’t recommend to your friend because your community is your friend.

9. If you are not helping people, then they don’t actually care.

Be intentional and purposeful with your platform. Do things that make a change and say things that bring change. When people visit your website let them leave with something. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I helped someone, whether it’s through my words of encouragement or through my tips and tricks.

10. Brands want you just as you are.

One of the mistakes that I made this year when I was contacted by a brand to become apart of their blogger team, is that I changed my personal style in order to accommodate to the image that I perceived of their audience. I worked really hard to deliver a blog post that I thought they would love but once I presented it to them, it was not what they were expecting from me. The owner of the company was so sweet about it and made me understand that they love my personal style and the work that I deliver on my own blog. I learned an important lesson through that miss understanding. When companies reach out to you, it’s because they love your work, from how you dress, think and say things, therefore, don’t change a thing when you are collaborating with them.

11. The secret to conquering jealousy is to be confident.

It’s easy to be jealous and to compare yourself to other bloggers, however, you must believe in yourself and know that you are also fearfully and wonderfully made. Everyone has a different story and a separate path to their destiny, so don’t compare yourself to others. We have a just God who has no favorites, therefore, don’t be anxious. He wants what’s best for all of us. You too will be successful, if you work hard.

birthday photoshoot, 20th birthday, glitter dress, ballons

Thank you for liking, commenting and reading! Ps, you are fearfully and fashionably made!

xoxo, stay blessed



  1. March 11, 2018 / 5:20 am

    woww thank you for all your wise advice ! It’s so accurate – I wish you all the success; and joy from our Jesus xoxo

    • fearfullyandfashionablymade@outlook.com
      March 18, 2018 / 11:22 am

      Thanks for reading darling and I wish you all the best as well, xoxo

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