How To Overcome The Worst Day Ever




“Noooooo, this can’t be happening. This can’t be real. Why me? My life is over.” Bad days we all have experienced them but if we are still alive it is because they were not as deadly as we labeled them to be.


Welcome back friends, I hope everyone is doing well and if you are not doing so well then this blog post is for you. When it comes to experiencing the worst days of our lives, it is our perception that determines whether or not we will survive. Most times we exaggerate what we are living to be the end of us. We emphasize the worst element of the situation as a way to justify our emotions. Then our emotions persuade our brain to think it is, in fact, that bad, however, in reality, it is not as bad as we think. This post is not intended to minimize what you might be going through because I am not in your shoes to know the reality and severity of your crisis. No one has a perfect life, we all have bad days but bad days does not mean we have a bad life. This post is intended to encourage a friend that might be going through hell but does not show it or express it. Suffering in silence is deadly, therefore I hope this blog post helps someone shift their mindset for their own good. Here are 5 things to remember when you are having the worst day ever.

1. Your life matters.

When you are going through the worst that could have happened to you remember to take care of yourself because your life matters. The devil is a liar so do not give your ear to listen to the thoughts that make you feel worthless or that your life is meaningless. Your life matters. You are loved and your life is important. Do not let situations, people or things steal your happiness, keep doing the little things that you happy. Surround yourself with people that you love and remind you are loved. Do not isolate yourself from those who bring sunshine into your life because in your darkness they are the source of light that will help you escape.


2. You are not the first person to go through this situation.

There is nothing new under the sun, therefore what you are going through someone else in the world has lived it before. The good news is someone else lived a similar situation and survived, therefore, you can and will overcome it as well. You are not alone and bad situations do not only happened to you. Just remember that we are more than conquerors and that if we couldn’t handle it then it wouldn’t happen to us.


3. Look past the moment because it will not always be like this.

The horrible season will pass, just stay optimistic and strong. Do not hold hostage your thoughts on the worst, instead free your mind knowing that everything comes to an end even the worst days. When you are going through the worst dwelling on all the negatives does not help you move forward. Move forward in hope by thinking about the future because in the future the situation has passed.

4. It is through difficulties that we are strengthened and become more aware.

Everything that we endure shapes our character and future self. Difficult situations make us stronger emotionally and mentally. There is always a lesson to learn in every situation and a reason why something happened. Often during the misery, we are too hurt to search for the lesson or the reason but after the fact, everything comes together to make sense. We become enlightened and smarter for the next time we run into a similar situation.

5. God is greater than what you are facing.

Surrender your troubles and circumstances to God and he will solve your issues for you, He will fight for you. God is greater than our fears and the impossible. Nothing is too messed up for God to fix for He turns our mess into a message and our tests into testimonies.

Alright, that is the end of today’s blog post, I know the subject is a sensitive one but I hope that it improved your perception to help you overcome whatever battle you might be facing or will face in the future. Until next blog post, keep taking care of yourselves and remember that you are fearfully and fashionably made. You are more than a conqueror!

Xoxo stay blessed,




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