22 Things I’ve Learned in my 22 Years

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Hello friends! I am back after a very long break, please excuse my MIA. I hope to soon be as consistent and active on my blog as I am on my Instagram. Until then, enjoy my occasional blog posts. Today’s blog post is my annual birthday reflection. On February 25th, 2020, I turned 22 so here are 22 Things I’ve Learned in My 22 Years. I desire that you may also reflect on the lessons that you have learned thus far and celebrate the better person that you have become according to your life experiences. Without further ado, here are 22 things that I have learned thus far.

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1. Be kind to yourself as you are to others.

2. Celebrate your accomplishment big and small because you are a hard worker.

3. Do not get tired of forgiving others.

4. Do not give your opinion without all the facts laid down.

5. Good confrontation brings growth and bad confrontation is toxic.

6. To understand people, you must acknowledge that we all have different life experiences. 

7. Do not minimize other people’s emotions or traumatic events. 

8. Share information that can help others succeed as well, do not be selfish. 

9. Prioritize your mental peace to maintain good mental health. 

10. You do not have to force what is meant for you.

11. There is a difference between “I can’t” and “I don’t want to”. 

12. Role models are not perfect, they are authentic.

13. Worry less and pray more.

14. Blessings overflow when you freely give.

15. You will survive the worst days or seasons because circumstances are not permanent. 

16. Always exercise your creativity.

17. Do everything with good intentions, not for applause. 

18. Obedience is for your good. 

19. When you are transparent and vulnerable, that is when you become emotionally attached to someone. 

20. Never give up on the people that you care about. 

21. It is better to play hard to get than to get played. 

22. Personal development comes when you spend time alone with yourself because your focus is on you. 

Thanks for reading!

Xoxo, stay blessed


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